Sunday, July 19, 2009

Keryn and I have had a really busy fortnight, full of classes and travel and things that had to be done.We've only got one appointment this week, and some customers coming to pick up completed quilts.I'm looking forward to a bit of quiet time, and perhaps getting some of my own sewing done. Although I can't quite remember what I was working on before we got so rushed.

I've been quilting for customers in between classes and travel and this little top was one of them.

The range of fabrics was very vintage looking, and I loved all the spots in the top.

Chenille was used as the backing, and it turned out very cuddly and warm. It's rather heavy, so I don't think it would be suitable for a bedsize quilt, but as a lap or cot quilt it's very cute.

I did large freehand hearts all over it, to keep it soft and drapeable- too much quilting would have made it stiff and inflexible.

Matthew looked after Dolly while we were away, and snapped this moment of Mother/Daughter love. They look like they're about to kill each other, but no, they're just playing. Bonnie play-fights all the time but Macca never reacts like this, he's always perfectly patient and gentle with Dolly, which is lovely to see. It would be a madhouse if he was as silly as Bonnie is.


Chookyblue...... July 20, 2009  

the quilt is lovely esp with the chenille backing andf the quilting is showing up beautifully on the back.........I did a baby quilt last week just with simple line quilting but it looks great on the chenille back.........

sewprimitive karen July 20, 2009  

What a picture of the dogs! What camera are you using? My digital is so slow I can't catch shots like this.

anareis July 20, 2009  

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Meggie July 26, 2009  

I am glad they were only playing! Leo attacked Honey & tore her ear. He is a naughty bossy boy.
Love that quilting you did for the lucky customer.

Tazzie July 31, 2009  

Heavens above, that picture of the dogs is alarming, thank heavens it was all in jest.
I've caught up with three of your posts, all with delightful quilts. Naughty Blogger hadn't alerted me that your blog had been updated. I just adore the applique quilt - such lovely work.

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