Sunday, May 31, 2009

Over the last few months when I was sorting through my scraps I cut all the pink, purple and green bits into 3 1/2" by 6 1/2" bricks and stacked them in their own box. I made 3 1/2" four patches from the very darkest purple scraps and put them in the box as I finished them, and when it was full I set them all together into this Bricks and Stepping Stones quilt from Bonnie's site. It seemed to take only hours to do, because I'd done so much preparation beforehand, and there's very little agonising over this setting. As long as the same fabrics aren't touching each other and the darker bricks are distributed evenly throughout, it goes together in a flash.

Here's a photo of a top that our friend Bev whipped up. This is a sort of crumb log cabin, all different size strips and snippets of fabric, so there's a wonderful collection of bits here.
Bev has made lots of eyespy quilts, and there are fascinating glimpses of cows and dolphins and rockets and who knows what else. Some lucky child will find it intriguing.
Bev is my first fully fledged convert to scrap hoarding. One of her friends in Moonta used to save up her 'rubbish' and pass it to Bev, who passed it to me. Gradually she started pinching bits out to use herself and began crumb piecing blocks; then realised just how many quilts could be made with what other people discard.

Keryn says this has backfired on me because I don't get a look in now- Bev keeps all the friends scraps for herself! I don't care, it's so nice to have an accomplice who understands our obsession with the little bits and it's great seeing what she comes up with. Don't you love the pieced setting triangles on this top? Scrappy all the way.


Kathie May 31, 2009  

great quilts!
oh glad you converted a friend to like scrappy quilts!
isn't it fun to have someone to share your obession with!!!!
love the surprises in the log cabin blocks, your right some kid will have hours of fun playing I spy with his quilt
great quilt

pdudgeon May 31, 2009  

love both of the quilts! thanks for some great ideas.

Karen May 31, 2009  

I have very little purple in my stash collection. Purples just haven't been plentiful in the quilt shops the last year or two. Your new quilt top certainly made good use of yours.
Enjoyed reading about how you converted a friend into being a scrap hoarder!

Lori in South Dakota June 01, 2009  

Oh, I like what you did with Bonnie's pattern! I have been cutting up my smaller pieces into noodles, nickels, and bricks. Now I have one more idea of what to do with them.

meggie June 03, 2009  

Your bricks & stones are fabulous.
I love your friend's intriquing scrap blocks. As you say, some child will just adore this!
Or, even an 'old child' like me!!

julieQ June 04, 2009  

Love the little bits and pieces made into a wonderful new whole. Wow, your puppies are growing so fast!

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