Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Well, Christmas is over for another year, and very relaxed it was too. Matt and the dogs came in for lunch so it was only the three of us, and the dogs had their special present of raw lamb shanks.I'll stick to the turkey breast and roast pork thankyou.

Have you seen one of these strange little objects?
No it's not an anorexic rocket ship, it's a clothes airer- Keryn used to have a wooden one but it fell to bits. I found this in a second hand shop last week, and decided it would be perfect to hold projects that I'm working on.
It has ten arms, so I can work on ten projects at once. Hmmmm, is that a Good Thing? Oh well, they're pretty to look at while they wait , and wait , and wait...
I wish to quell the scurrilous rumour that I had cheesecake for breakfast. (Apricot nectar with marbled chocolate to be exact.)I would never be so indulgent and decadent.

Now if you will excuse me, I'm feeling a bit queasy..........


meggie December 26, 2007  

What a great project display stand!

I will let you have the Cheesecake, I will just take the pretty plate thankyou.

Hope your Christmas Season is a great one for you & yours.
Sounds like the dogs had a good one!
Hugs, xx

Quilt Pixie December 26, 2007  

Great idea for holding the "in progress" pieces! Hope you've enjoyed the holiday...

Jenni @ Fairybread December 26, 2007  

Mum had a wooden one - I don't know if she still has it. I'll ask her. As for the Cheesecacke, I think all those silly rules about what to eat when are just plain... silly! I can't see why you can't eat cheesecake for breakfast, and in fact I feel that Christmas Day is best started with some chocolate!

Karen (Misiz C) December 27, 2007  

Gotta love the things we find to hang projects on! I have a heavy duty music stand....I like it because I can raise it for long strips or lengths of fabric. Your's looks better though... I can only see one project at a time. ;c)

julieQ December 27, 2007  

I have not seen one of those for years!! Since I was girl...on the farm at home. Great use for it!!

Hope you had a marvelous holiday, and excuse me, I am off for more fudge...I had it for breakfast, so cheesecake sounds entirely nutritious and sensible to me.


Anonymous,  December 27, 2007  

your quilts are so beautiful. what a great use for the stand.

ps. i won't tell about your cheesecake if you won't tell about my mince pie for breakfast.
pam dudgeon

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