Friday, December 21, 2007

There hasn't been much time for sewing lately, I guess it's the season. These are the quilts I've got bound; there's another two that need the binding sewn down on the back and another four bindings made. So there's progress, but it's nothing exciting, sorry.

I have been trying to cut out some more kits, in between other chores, like this framed cross and a blue square in square that I started a while ago. Need more bits to keep that one going, but as it's all scraps I had to wait to get some more blues first. And the album block below is a project I've started to use up all the leftover border fabric, those huge paisleys and florals and strange prints that look good in large pieces but not so good cut up small. This will be an on-going project too, I'll just piece it as scraps become available.
And during our visit to Adelaide I managed to get some fabrics that I'd been looking for, a border for a set of blocks and some fabric which I'll tell you about in another post. I love having new ideas and trying to find the perfect bits to carry them out; even better when you find what you're looking for!
My boys are coming for Christmas dinner today, as it's the only time we could all get together. I'm doing a vastly downscaled meal, compared to what we used to enjoy, but they all agreed we HAD to have pavlova.

So last night I got out my darling Kenwood and spent ages whipping eggwhites and adding castor sugar one spoonful at a time....Keryn, who has never made one, was amazed at the process (and probably a bit appalled at the mess and the time it took), but the boys will be happy. And you know what? I Hate pavlova, and although I've made this every year, sometimes two of them, I've never eaten a bite. I judge everything by the look and feel, rather like a teetotaller making moonshine, and I was worried because I've never cooked one in a fanforced oven before. But it turned out fine, and covered with cream and chocolate it will be demolished in short order. Keryn and I are having cheesecake, which we adore- each to his own!

Yesterday we had some unseasonal rain; it was hot but the heavens opened up and poured out quite a bit on our little town.Matt and the dogs had come to visit, and look at these two idiots.
Rather than sit in the shed where it was dry, they preferred to crouch on the back steps looking forlorn and trying to shiver pathetically. Bit hard when it was so warm, but they tried. I wasn't letting them in, because I want to keep the house clean for the Christmas visitors today and I didn't want 12 muddy feet racing all over the floors. Heartless aren't I?
And you ask, why 12 muddy feet? Well, look closely in the background....Jessie the dog of little brain at least knows when to come in out of the rain.....
"And they call ME stupid......."


Tazzie December 22, 2007  

Your pavlova looks just wonderful Mereth, I'm not good at making them, but I love to eat them! And cheesecake is wonderful too! Wasn't the rain wonderful yesterday, and we've had a lot this morning too. Have a great weekend.

Quilt Pixie December 22, 2007  

sounds like desert is definitely covered at your place!

tirane93 December 22, 2007  

you say you haven't made much progress lately, but all those bindings - whew! - i say that's plenty of work!

looks like your silly dogs think just like my silly dog as regards rain. "do i stay here where it's warm and dry or make a play for the sympathy factor and get wet?" too much for little doggy brains!

meggie December 23, 2007  

Little Jessie looks so pathetic!

Looks like the rain was worth it, hope it sank in a bit.

I make pavs, but am not much of a one for sweets. Dont like whipped cream either so scrape that off!

Jenni @ Fairybread December 23, 2007  

I've never made a pavlova either - isn't that terrible? My Mum makes them, and somehow she makes them so that they are a bit chewy inside as opposed to marshmallowy, so that's how we love them. She isn't too sure how she does it though. All those bindings look good - nice to have things finished. You must be finishing up a lot of UFOs with the quilting machine. Love those dogs too - staffys are so cute. I love how they're sitting sideways to try and keep dry! Some nice repro fabrics there.

Andrea December 24, 2007  

I LOVE pavlova ! My very favourite dessert with whipped cream and strawberries - yummy ! Best wishes for a happy christmas Mereth to you and yours !

Karen December 25, 2007  

Never heard of pavlova, but it does look like a project; that's mother love to make something so involved when you don't even eat any yourself!

Nines December 26, 2007  

Merry Christmas!

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