Monday, February 19, 2007

I enjoyed finishing the arrowhead top and getting rid of the old blocks so much that I looked through the boxes and decided to work on these next.
A set of Devil's Claws, based on an antique quilt of Barbara Brackman's that was in Quilters Newsletter magazine many many years ago. I decided to use my precious scraps in these blocks, and they are very scrappy and varied in appearance.
These are all hand pieced too and I never got sick of them even though the pieces were so small and there were so many triangles in each block. I was in no hurry to get them done and I relished each new combination of fabrics that I came up with. I probably started them 13 or 14 years ago and worked on them for three years overall. ( I can't believe how long they've been maturing in their box...)I still really really like this pattern, but I would machine piece it now. If I was to make another one....
I haven't decided yet whether I will set it exactly like the one in the mag, or try something different.
Mac has outgrown this container too, I'm seriously thinking of buying him a wading pool he adores the water so much. I tried to shoo him off a garden bed the other day by squirting him with a hose but he literally lapped it up, turning his face full into the water and snorting and blowing like an old hippo. Not afraid of water this boy.
Would you drink YOUR bath water if it looked like this? It was clean to start off with.......


Sue February 20, 2007  

Your Devil's Claw blocks are beautiful, I love the colors you've chosen.
That puppy is so cute, I laugh every time I see a pic of him in his water.

Fiona February 20, 2007  

I like those Devil's Claw blocks, finding them tucked away must be like uncovering buried treasure! Look forward to seeing what you do with them.

Nic Bridges February 20, 2007  

I love those Devil's Claw blocks - I fell in love with the same quilt in QNM and made my 'Devil May Care' quilt a few years ago. Still one of my favourites!!

YankeeQuilter February 22, 2007  

Great blocks. The puppy sure is growing fast!

Patti February 23, 2007  

Love these "new blocks"! the fabrics and colors a so scrappy and old looking - just my style. I can hardly wait to see what you are going to do with these.

LOL about your dog! Ugh - that water!

Bingo~Bonnie February 27, 2007  

Those blocks are so intricate. I have never seen that pattern before. I like the colors of them too!

Your puppy looks so fun! Yes, you should buy Mac his own small swimming pool! We did for our schnauzer and he loves it!! ~Bonnie in SE Texas

Lucy February 27, 2007  

OOOOh what a beautiful blocks and your doggie is gorgeous ! I wish I could pet and hugh him !

Rose Marie March 02, 2007  

I love your blocks, but am loving the quilt they are laying on! Is it a whole cloth or the backing of a quilt? What a neat way to display your blocks!

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