Friday, February 16, 2007

I can't believe how easy it is to neglect the blog.

It only takes one thing out of the ordinairy to make me too busy to post. I'm going to have a visitor and I've been sprucing the house up, but of course the blog is the first thing to suffer. Perhaps I'm just not organised enough, sigh.

Karen thought a poor little pup might be in trouble for chewing up a mop. Nah, I hate the implements of housework and that trifling mishap couldn't upset me.

But this could- see that white stuff? I store extra batting lengths on my spare bed, and investigating the ever more hysterical jangling of the bell on Mac's collar I discovered that he was having a grand old time tearing the batting up and strewing it round the room like a snowstorm.

I let out such a yell he put his ears flat on his head and streaked out of the house, and didn't stop running until he reached the back fence. And I don't think it was a "Oops, I'm in trouble" sort of exit, I think it was more "Nah nah! Can't catch me!!!"

Now when I let Matt buy this puppy, I gave him a great spiel about how it would chew things, and be prepared to lose shoes or belts or whatever took the lad's fancy, and how we couldn't get too angry because that's what pups DO.

What has he destroyed of Matt's? Nothing. He hasn't chewed very much so far, a towel that he shredded, an outside cushion, the mop, a scoop from the laundry. But everything he damages is mine, and the batting is Precious. I'd have to drive at least 45 mins to replace this particular one. Fortuneately he'd only pulled off the raggy bits around the edge which I'd cut off anyhow, but we were NOT amused!!

But I've forgiven him. For the time being. He'd just better not do it again.

Ahem, on to patchwork.

Nothing new has been done, so I'll post the quilt on the spare bed. ( the batting is now safely UNDER the quilt). Don't know what this is called, Keryn and I named it Town Square and it's my attempt at a 2 colour quilt.Blue and white, but the setting fabric ended up being cream and there are lots of scrappy blues, so I didn't really succeed. Perhaps I want to do a quilt with only two fabrics, just to see if I could stick to something that limiting.

And look at those three on the pillow.The blue bear (he WAS blue 48 years ago) used to have a squeaker inside, but that's defunct now, and I'm afraid I used him for colouring practice at some stage. He's filthy, but filled with straw, so I can't wash him. He never had a name. Then there's my favourite bear of childhood, the one I took to bed and cuddled, and then my boys took him to bed and cuddled him, and now he guards the spare bed. He has no name either. The golden bear Keryn and I found at a garage sale for a dollar, and couldn't leave him there, he's the same vintage as Blue Bear and is a bit grubby, but unwashable too. He's called Patrick.

My goodness, I just hope that Mac never jumps up and gets hold of these three characters! He'd have to run further than the back fence to escape my wrath then!!!


keryn February 16, 2007  

I can't believe how big Mac is getting. He's in perfect condition too, you must be feeding him well.

The bevy of bears is a worthy guardian of the spare bed, but like you I hope Mac never sets his sights on them. They're too old for such nonsense.

YankeeQuilter February 16, 2007  

For your sanity and Mac's own good I would put those bears somewhere safe...high on a shelf perhaps?! I've repaired/restored two quilts that were torn/chewed by new pups. They just can't help themselves.

Jenni @ Fairybread February 17, 2007  

He obviously loves YOU - that's why you are so lucky to be the one he lavishes all the attention on. Do you feed him? He is probably going to be a little devil for about 2 yrs I'm sorry to say, but so cute...

Karen February 19, 2007  

Yes, I would definitely hide those cute old bears where Mac can't get them. We had a magnificent German Shepherd who never did a thing wrong except once when she chewed up a very valuable antique toy of my dad's. Filled with straw like yours. Must be the kind of chewy toy dogs dream of.

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