Saturday, June 10, 2023

Vintage Star

I've been trying hard this year to use up some of the different types of fabric I have.There's a huge stash of vintage material I've been collecting over the years and treasuring/hoarding.  I'm realising, finally, that if it's 'too precious' to use I might as well sell it all. So I picked a pattern and started cutting. 

This was a twelve inch Rolling Star type block, and I kitted 20 blocks quite easily. There were some fabrics that were pretty much used up, especially the lights, but I found that it's going to take a few tops to make a dent in the overall stash. That somehow makes the fabrics more useable because I'm not going run out any time soon. I intend to kit up a few more projects before I put the fabrics away again.

They went together quickly and I chose  sashing colours without too much fuss. I thought I was cheating because the pale yellow I used wasn't vintage, but then I realised it's thirty years old anyway, so it was getting on in age.

(Excuse the dreadful photo, my design wall is always in shadow)

Then I made border units of three and a half inch pinwheels and continued the sashing out to the final border, a vintage green  gingham. I can't get the colours to read true, it's much warmer and prettier in real life.

It's fun using these old fabrics, finally cutting into some of the most precious ones.


Suzanne June 10, 2023  

Gorgeous! Love that inner border!

Gretchen Weaver June 10, 2023  

Your quilt is beautiful! I inherited most of my mother's fabric stash. There were a lot yardage pieces that she never used because they were too special to cut. I ended up using most of those for quilt backings, they weren't special to me. Use your special fabrics now so you can enjoy seeing them in use!

Rose Marie June 10, 2023  

The pinwheel border just adds a zing to your quilt! Lovely fabrics but so glad that you cut into your stash to make this beauty.

Tazzie June 10, 2023  

Oh my goodness, your quilt top is just gorgeous. I'm always impressed with how much piecing you get done. Bravo!

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