Wednesday, January 18, 2023


We were up at dawn next day so we could get on the road before it got too hot, but John noticed one of the tires had a slow leak. Matt fixed it in fifteen minutes, finding a screw that had imbedded itself in the tire. 

Rob and co had left even earlier, as they had an extra three hours to travel, and we'd said our goodbyes the night before. There were hugs for Sam and Matt, and thanks for everything and then we were off.

The first 100 k was the dirt road and it was very windy and plenty bumpy over numerous creek crossings and soon the girls started saying they felt sick. Sure enough, they all succumbed  after half an hour, making the stress level in the car rocket up. I texted Elisa and she said Logan and Eddie had been sick too. Perhaps the early start and hitting the dirt road first up was rough on them but we were not happy travellers! Fortuneatly they hadn't had anything to eat as we intended to stop along the highway for breakfast, so it wasn't as unpleasant as it could have been.

Once we got onto the bitumen the symptoms subsided and they all started complaining about being hungry, good grief. We stopped in Hawker for a drink and some crackers we had in the car, I didn't want to risk giving them anything else to eat. 

We got home about 2.30 and everyone was relieved to get out of the car. 

Then we had to unpack and wash sicky things and sort out everything. What a day....

The night before Matt and I had been cleaning up in the kitchen, when I asked "Have you enjoyed having your family up here?" and he said "It's been great!" Then he added with a big grin "But it will be good when you've all gone home!" Yes, it's nice when life gets back to 'normal'. 


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