Sunday, March 07, 2021

At one stage last year my little log cabin blocks became all consuming and I couldn't seem to stop sewing them. They were supposed to be leader-enders  but sometimes that concept gets away from me and I end up sewing exclusively on the wrong project.

I have a rule that I can't cut these one inch strips from yardage or large scraps because it was meant to use up the tiny off-cuts that had no other use. I can hear Keryn saying that they have another purpose; to fill up the bin! But even she has admitted the blocks are awful cute.

I finally came to my senses and realised that all my other projects were on hold and the log cabins and little strips had to go away for a while. They seem to be self perpetuating, I was using them as leader-enders for themselves, a pile of  tiny one inch squares spawning the start of another batch, over and over. 

"I'll just finish this lot" I'd say, but then there were another five or ten.... I had to go cold turkey and put them away. I think there are a couple hundred here and I plan to go on making them with all my teeny tiny scraps for years. They will probably be used in more than one quilt but I haven't really got a plan yet.

I'll come back to these little cuties but only when I can trust myself not to get lost in them again.


Bag End Gardener March 10, 2021  

Those little blocks are beyond gorgeous . . . I see absolutely no reason NOT to get lost in them, but if Keryn manages to convince you to stop completely you could always end them over to England where they would be deeply loved 🤪 😜

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