Monday, February 15, 2021

 Keryn and I have been collecting mens shirts for quite a few years and recently we went through our collection and got a bit of a shock at just how many there were. Despite always adding to the stash  I had never actually finished a top using them. Keryn has made at least three and I loved them all.

I started this Double Four Patch years ago but was  disappointed in the thirty or so blocks I'd sewn and decided to make a small throw and be done with it.  I've still got dozens of the little four patches and they'll go into another project but I'm  relieved at crossing this off the list. It was beginning to weigh on my mind and once I'd decided to not make any more blocks I was energised about the rest of the shirt stash. I've got another project mainly cut out and another one in the works.


Paulette February 16, 2021  

Beautiful! I love shirt quilts and this is a neat design. Congrats on the finish!

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