Sunday, August 16, 2015

You wouldn't believe how long it took me to figure out how to turn the corners on this top. It was the little 1/2" pieces that threw everything out of course- my brilliant ideas usually make things difficult for me at some stage. The maths worked out perfectly if I left the last strip off and just had another hourglass in the corner, so that's what I went with. Too much faffing around already, I was itching to finish with this project.

I haven't been able to hang it up to take a photo because we had a bright idea (we're full of 'em) to move the Statler in the workroom so everything is slightly chaotic and the quilt stands are pushed  into  a  corner for now. I actually have a couple of tops to show you, but no good photos.

Like this Pineapple Blossom from Bonnie's pattern that I started quite some time ago. I thought it was finished apart from the border, but when I pulled it out I decided to make it single bed size. I had to hunt up more scraps and piece a heap more blocks, and then I was still faced with what to do in the border. I didn't have quite enough of the pieced scrap triangles to go round the whole top, so I made some HST in pastel colours and finally I could call this done. I've even got the backing ready to piece, that feels pretty good.

In other news, here's a sneaky peek at grandchild number four. Rob and Elisa are having their third child in December, that will make for a fun Christmas!


Sue SA August 17, 2015  

How lovely to have a new grandbaby for Christmas. Your quilts look good, even if it is a partial shot....I usually have to resort to the clothes line for full size pictures!

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