Thursday, August 27, 2015

 I was going through some fabric  the other day and putting stuff away when I found this old blue piece. It's so old I've forgotten it's origins and I suddenly thought "Get rid of it! Use it all up! Don't put any of it back in the drawer!"

I went to the container where I keep small blocks leftover from other quilts, or ones that I've made 'on spec', and pulled out these square in square units, that measure 3 1/2" unfinished. 

It seemed it was all meant to be; there was just enough of the blue to cut the setting squares, and the blocks were all used up except for three.

I was already planning to make another one and use them as corners for the border- the end was in sight until....
I opened a drawer to put away  some fabric and found another one and a half metres of the same material! Arghh! I'm determined that this is not going back into the stash, so I'll have to come up with an extended plan to use it. Even if it ends up on the back, I will use this up completely!


Renee Musso August 28, 2015  

Just a thought - Make borders (1 small between the blocks and the border you show) and then 1 larger border out of the blue. Also make one more block to use as cornerstones. Then it should all be gone!

Sue SA August 28, 2015  

You must have loved this fabric once a upon a time to buy it twice!

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