Tuesday, July 14, 2015

 This will be terribly boring visually, because all these photos look the same, but I wanted to show how I set the blocks together when they're on point. The idea of all those looong dreary rows makes me want to scream, so I join a big hunk of the middle squares together as a straight set.

This top has eight stars across and nine down, so I had  to make it a funny rectangular shape instead of a square.

Then I join the rest of the blocks into the corner triangles

and sew the bottom right hand corner to the centre first,

then the bottom left corner,

the upper left,

and finally the upper right. I left that seam to the last because it's the shortest, and I figured the top would be so cumbersome by that stage that it would be easier to deal with.

I'd made twelve stars with dark centres, quite unintentionally, and when I realised this I grouped them in the middle of the top, rather than trying to distribute them evenly throughout.

Finally! I can now take this off the design wall and start piecing the border units, which will probably take a while. I'll put up another set of blocks so I can be thinking about how to finish the next project.... Oh, I  do love moving things along like this!


gayle July 14, 2015  

Having just put together an on-point top, I know exactly what you're talking about. Those middle rows seemed like they were three miles long...
Love your stars! That's one of my favorite blocks.

Dianne July 14, 2015  

What a clever clogs you are, Mereth! I, too, have struggled with those long, long diagonal rows and hated sewing them. Never would have thought to make a square or rectangle of the center section and then adding the corner units. But now I will definitely think of it, and bless you! Love on-point quilts, and now they will be even better...thanks!

Sue SA July 15, 2015  

Looks fantastic, love the gold setting squares. I like the way you sew tops together, will remember this for the next time I am piecing endless blocks into rows.

Karen July 21, 2015  

I like the finished blocks all together. Star blocks are a favorite of mine to piece.

Kalicocreations July 25, 2015  

Beautiful stars! I had not thought of sewing the quilt together like this. I do mine in quarters, then sew the halves together, but this looks easier still. You have a great blog, and I enjoy reading it.

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