Sunday, July 26, 2015

I've been using a variety of patches for my leader-enders recently. As I come to the end of one pile of cut out pieces, I move on to the next. I am unable to just cut the thread anymore, it feels so wrong not to have  a leader-ender to sew onto. They do build up into quite a pile of finished units, so it's worth persevering with the concept, even if it seems strange at first. Now I need to spend a couple of hours cutting out more of everything I need, and restocking shapes. 

I'm making red and light hst for a split nine patch somewhere down the track and brown hst for my brown broken dishes units, which can be used any number of ways.

Hour Glass blocks for the border of my star top

and the four patches for this block.

All these little blocks were 2 1/2" unfinished so I could sew them together in a random setting, but I won't. These are all spoken for, but it might be fun to do this with orphan bits one day.

Here's something I haven't seen before. At the supermarket I found a farm ute parked, with these three waiting for the owner to return. The dogs were treating the lamb like one of the pack, and I'm sure in his mind he thinks he's a dog. He had his own  collar and chain and was pushing the dogs around to get where he wanted to go.
Obviously an orphan raised with these two mates, and he seemed quite used to riding in the back of the vehicle too. I know from experience that orphan lambs can have a hard time adjusting to the idea of being " just a sheep"; I wonder what will happen to this chap when he gets too big to be lifted into the tray...

Spellcheck didn't like the word 'ute'. It's an abbreviation for 'utility' and is a common vehicle in Australia. (I think the American truck or pickup is  heavier and larger) The Aussie ute is a great vehicle, and Keryn and I often wish we had one, they're so useful. However Dolly and Pippi would probably rather be riding inside than chained up in the back!


Sandy July 27, 2015  

Which reminds me, I need to organize another leader/ender project. At the moment I'm just using random little scraps which end up in the trash. How wasteful is that?

Ruth July 29, 2015  

Great idea to have several projects planned out like that! I need to get better organized and have the leader/ender projects sitting there. I do it, but it's more sporadic or it's just staying ahead on the quilt I'm working on at the time. I can think of several that I could do if I just got them cut.

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