Tuesday, June 30, 2015

When I don't have much idea of what to sew, or I've reached a stalemate in a current project, I often just make HST, on spec. I cut a lot of scraps into this triangle shape, so there's always plenty on hand and it involves nothing more strenuous than matching two fabrics together,

I have a container of 2 1/2" ones, and another of 2" finished squares.

I began sewing Broken Dishes units with the 2 1/2"  pile and have amassed quite a box full.

I then sewed some  into 12" squares, using nine of the smaller blocks. I love the rich colours I'm using, and so far I feel no urgency to rush ahead and make heaps of them. At the moment I'm happy to just potter and plod along whenever I feel like it.

I used 2" HST to make this smaller block, containing just four of the broken dishes units,

and tried some pinwheels too, just for a different effect.

I'm not looking to finish anything from these blocks yet, I'm just playing with possibilities.


Dianne June 30, 2015  

Loving the Broken Dishes blocks, Mereth. I always intend to make a bunch of HSTs just so I can do something like this, but somehow I never get around to it. Now that the sewing machine is here in California and I'm here, too, I really have no excuse...except it's pretty hot right now. Maybe I should just crank up the air conditioner and start cutting!

Do you use a special ruler to cut strips for your HSTs to avoid the dog-ears? I have one of those but haven't put it to use yet...

QuiltinLibraryLady July 01, 2015  
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QuiltinLibraryLady July 01, 2015  

Isn't it great to have something cut and ready to sew when you just want to sew and not have to think to much?? This past winter I cut a bunch of scraps into 2" square and the pieces for Bonnie Hunter's tiny spool blocks. Now it's so nice to just sit and sew, sew, sew when I'm not ambitious enough to do anything else. Your HSTs are another great idea for getting those scraps into something usable.

audrey July 01, 2015  

And no matter what you end up doing with these, they will look fabulous together.:) Such a good idea!

cityquilter grace July 01, 2015  

so very nice...one of my fave patterns...

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