Friday, June 26, 2015

A few posts ago I showed some bright scrappy HST that I'd been sewing. I'd been using these as Leader-enders for quite a while, so there was a satisfying pile of them, ready to turn into something. I decided to make these star blocks, and as each one takes 16 HST, and the finished  block only  measures 6 inches I knew it wouldn't be very big. A nice cot quilt that I could whip out easily.

The blocks went together fairly quickly, I chose the sashing and set them into a top, and then I had The Bright  Idea. What about a pieced border?

Yes, a few more of those triangles around the edge should do it...
or what about a double row of them...?

Hmm, have to work out the measurements and get them to turn the corner somehow....

Such a good idea at the time, and I think the result is worth it, but oh my giddy aunt, the extra sewing this entailed! Another two hundred or so HST had me chopping up lots of light fabrics and more of the brights and stitching solidly on this border for many hours.

That's the trouble with leader-ender projects, at certain times they just take over and I become obsessed with finishing them. The idea of slowly piecing the border triangles over the next few months just wasn't an option. I wanted this done, Now!

I couldn't take a good photo of this top for some reason, what looks like red fabric is actually a hot pink that my camera couldn't capture. These bright colours are so not my style, and yet I enjoyed working with them. Now that I'm done with this, it's back to the softer reproduction fabrics I love, browns and greys and cream. At least I've proved I can step outside my comfort zone occasionally...


gayle June 26, 2015  

It's beautiful! Those pieced borders are so worth the trouble.

julieQ June 26, 2015  

I just really like it!! I know about those leader and enders...they just scream to be the main attraction!

Brenda June 26, 2015  

You stepped out of your comfort zone beautifully b

cityquilter grace June 26, 2015  

great border really kicks this up several notches..

Sue SA June 29, 2015  

The pieced border is true dedication to your craft, as your working outside your prefered colour scheme. I love these colours mixed with the white, make a refreshing quilt top.

Karen July 01, 2015  

The fabric colors are brighter than what I am used to seeing you work with.

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