Friday, April 04, 2014

 Ooh, that last seam was a doozy! I don't have much room next to my machine, and this top was so bulky and scrunched up I could only sew a few inches before I had to rearrange everything. But at last it's done and pressed and I think it pretty much looks like the one in the book.

I was hoping it wouldn't need a border, but I think it might have to have something. Hmm, I'll think about that another day....I've had enough of this particular project for a while.

This morning I decided to tackle the pile of little offcuts that are too small to cut a 1 1/2" square from.
 This tiny 60 degree diamond only needs a 1 3/8" width strip, so after I've cut my scraps up into different sizes I put aside anything that will fit this template. It takes a while to mount up, and then I spend a half hour or so tracing the template, and add the pieces to my container of diamonds.
 I've sewn quite a few of them together into stars , and made two mini quilts so far, but now that it's cooler at night I intend to finish a lot more.
  Hand piecing is a lot quicker than most people think, and  these little stars build up very quickly.


Sandy April 04, 2014  

Brilliant use of those little scraps. I always wonder what to do with mine. But I think mine are smaller anyway. I just hate to throw them away!

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