Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Oh my goodness, this is going to be big! I didn't bother to work out the final dimensions on paper, just kept sewing and sewing the blocks, and thought I'd worry about that later. I think it will end up about 83" square, if I decide to leave off the little pieced border that was in the original photo. I have twelve more blocks to set together, then a few seams to sew the segments in one piece and I'll have dealt with another project.

It's a horrible day today, a throwback to summer temperatures, and it will be good to hole up in the sewing room and get this done. All the Northern Hemisphere bloggers are longing for warmer weather and signs of spring, and I'm thinking wistfully of wool socks, chilly air and rainy skies. It will come, it always does, but I'm sick of summer weather for now.


Sandy April 03, 2014  

Wow Merith, you're really on a roll, getting a lot done! How fun to have those blocks just sitting there waiting to be put together. Well it sounds like fun to me, anyway! I think they become "fresher" when they've been put away awhile, too. I'm really liking your results.

Karen April 05, 2014  

I am liking your nine patches on point. I have no idea what kind of pieced border was your thought to use but it would be nice even if it does make a big quilt.
I never look forward to winter but know many people that do after a long hot summer.

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