Wednesday, February 19, 2014

 The next set of blocks to be tackled were these album blocks made from a jelly roll of Garden Party, by Blackbird Designs. I had a plan for them, based on an antique quilt, but I changed my mind and decided to just get them finished as soon as I could. I also ignored my feeling that I had to set these blocks with something from the same range, and used instead a beautiful Daiwabu taupe that seemed to complement  the other fabrics nicely.

 I wrote about my feelings towards jelly rolls here and I must say, nothing has changed my mind in the last four years. I've bought a few charm packs since then, but in general I'm happy to leave the precuts alone.

....with the exception of Batik jelly rolls, which don't have pinked edges and come in some glorious colours and patterns.
  I've addded two to my batik stash, which is pretty small and doesn't even fill one container. I haven't actually made anything with the strips yet, but I'm loving the different fabrics, and I'm really looking forward to cutting them up soon.

 What beautiful intense colours...
but I love the muted greys and greens too.
This is my entire batik stash, bit pitiful, isn't it? I'm letting myself add to it without guilt, and it's such fun choosing what I'll have next.

I've had some odd sewing jobs lately, First born son John made his art class at school paint banners for their sports house, and I got to sew them up, complete with points all along one edge.  Then he and his wife Liz created a circus banner for a local production of  'Chicago' which they're both in, and I got to finish that off too.
The canvas was quite thick and had a plastic back, so I had to go  slowly, but it got done in the end. It looks pretty good hanging up, they're both very talented and have made some wonderful props.

I can hardly wait to see the show in two weeks, they've put a lot of time and effort into this.


Sandy February 19, 2014  

I think your quilt is lovely, but I'm with you on the jelly rolls. Besides the pinked edges thing, what I really hate is working with unwashed fabric and you definitely can't wash a jelly roll.

Lori February 19, 2014  

Love the album blocks. The pinked edges irk me too, but I'm with you on the batik strips.

Sue SA February 19, 2014  

Dont even want to think about trying to sew canvas with my new plastic machine, imagine you would need a sturdy vintage machine built to last to tackle that job!

Jan February 20, 2014  

How fun! Art talent runs in your family, that's for certain!
I haven't warmed up to jelly rolls either. There is only one in my stash and I've thought of trimming to 2", and losing the pinked edge.

Kerri March 17, 2014  

I reread your thoughts from 4 years ago on pre cuts, and now your present consistent overall dislike of them. I agree. Some days I wish I could take some and whip a quilt together, but I let them sit and buy coordinating fabrics and still don't do anything with them. I am a washer of fabric too, and this bothers my soul with these. I now have opened a small online quilt shop and have bought some for the shop and still feel pressure to succumb, but don't like them much. Since you and your sisters are truly quilting geniuses to me, your opinion is so validating to my lowly one. Wow it feels good to feel I am not alone in my opinion on the precut dilemma. Enjoyed the pretty quilts in your latest posts!

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