Saturday, February 15, 2014

 The gentle soaking rain yesterday turned into an absolute downpour that flooded the yard for a while. It was wonderful standing on the back verandah watching it come bucketing down. Both my water tanks are overflowing, indeed this jet of water dug a hole 12" deep it was coming out with such force.

Keryn and I always have tea at our brother and SIL's place on Friday night, and it was so lovely and cool we left the dogs outside at my place. We got home in the dark, and I thought the dogs seemed a bit hysterical, but put it down to their joy at seeing us. However this morning I took a little tour around the garden and their deeds were writ plain in the mud. Huge sweeping skid marks where they chased each other back and forth, overturned pots and buckets and trampled patches like wildebeest wallows.
 The pansies in this pot were dead anyway, but someone decided they had better be turfed out,

and  Mr gnome got short shrift and was partially buried.....

 And the holes! Digging was on the agenda and they had made splendid progress in quite a few areas.

Not the lawn!!

Playing chasey around the wheelie bin should be a canine Olympic event, culminating in a serious attempt to dig under said object.

And this hole puzzles me completely. It's about 18" deep and that rock was under the tree the last time I saw it. I'm sure Pippi did all the digging, but how did she get this rock into the hole, and more importantly, why?
I might be cross if they'd actually done any damage, but oh! I would pay good money to have puppy cam and see the shenanigans that went on last night while we were out. It would have been incredible to watch them whirling around like deverishes, playing with each other.

This is the look I get when I point at the lawn excavation and say sternly "Who did That?!!!!"
"Not me mum, my paws are clean....."


Sue SA February 17, 2014  

I guess I was looking forward to being able to dig out the vegie garden after the rain, so it makes sense that the dogs were thinking rain=digging! There is a fortune to be made on You tube I am sure if you had puppy cam!

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