Wednesday, September 11, 2013

 I don't know what book this picture is from, Keryn took a photo of it on one of her trips to a friend's place in Sydney.  I loved the shirtings in the setting squares and the random colours of the blocks, but somehow I ended up using very light shirtings and mid values in the blocks, and suddenly it wasn't the quilt in the book anymore. Oh well, it's done now, and if I make it again I'll know what fabrics to avoid. Or I could just tea dye the whole thing to make it look darker, I suppose.
The fabric I used for the top and bottom borders is darker than the book, but I liked it anyway.

 I thought the sides  looked a bit unfinished, so I made borders of 3" x 6" bricks, which I was happy with.
And I've chosen another old project to finish, these rather dingy album blocks from...dare I admit it.....1987. That's quite appalling, Matthew wasn't even born, and he's 25 now. I know Keryn would ditch these in a flash, because some of them are quite ugly, but it occurred to me that I could finish it and use it on my bed and not care if Pippi lay on it. The fabrics are so dull that it's not likely to show the dirt, and all my hard work hand piecing these needn't go to waste.
 I had to find some material for triangles around the edge on a few blocks, and I had no trouble dredging up some stuff  of the same vintage. I still have a drawer full of 80's and 90's bits, and I intend to set these blocks with pieces of it, and sew the backing for it too. It will be so good to cross this one off the list after so many years....


Sandy September 12, 2013  

Your quilt is quite lovely, and its your own. I see the difference mainly in the striped setting blocks in the original. I've never tried to do a true replica of anything, but I'd guess it'd be very challenging.

Sue SA September 12, 2013  

I like your version, think the lighter shirtings don't distract from the pattern as much. Good to have some mojo to tackle UFO's, especially if they are hand pieced.

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