Friday, May 17, 2013

When I was going through my Whitman's tins I opened this one and discovered some cut hexagons,of mostly vintage fabric. Sue Garman did a post recently about the wonder of hexagon quilts, and I decided to dig this project out and photograph it.
 (I blogged about it in July of 2008, and showed a photo of the pattern of the seam allowances on the back.)   It took me a while to remember where the rest of it was, and to my astonishment there was a lot more done than I thought. This measure about four feet across and covers nearly half of a single bed.
 If asked, I would have ventured to say I'd sewn together about half of this large piece, and probably about six more rosettes completed. But there was an absolute pile of them, thirty two to be exact.
 When this happens I say the "quilting fairies" have been at work, because I really can't remember sewing this many. The trouble is, I just sew and sew and never stop to count; then the box gets put away and I've got no idea where I am with the project. It's always a nice surprise to find I'm further along than I thought, but disturbing too because the memory is going....
 Pretty, aren't they?


Sue SA May 17, 2013  

What a lovely surprise! And perfect timing now its winter weather and hand sewing at night is ideal.

Jan May 18, 2013  

Yes, they are pretty! It's so comforting to have hand work.

Lynn Dykstra May 18, 2013  

got to love those quilting fairies!
very pretty

pdudgeon May 21, 2013  

they're beautiful! iv'e never seen a double GFG before. they remind me of peony blooms; they're so lush and full. Congrats on finding such a great pattern and having so many finished pieces to work with.
that is indeed a treasure worth finding.

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