Sunday, September 02, 2012

 I think I underestimated how much sewing there was in these multiple borders, it took hours and hours to cut and sew the strip sets. Then I had to attatch them and mitre the corners, quite an undertaking. The antique quilt I based this on had the blocks sort of 'floating' on the background, and I think mine have the same effect.
Keryn has a tutorial on how we do mitred corners here. I will say that I hand tack the fold in place without moving it from the ironing board instead of sewing it at the machine.( I slip a small cutting mat underneath so the pins and the needle don't catch the ironing board cover) And I will change thread colours as I applique this seam down, I'm a bit picky about things like that. I love this method of doing mitres, I've never had one that didn't work out perfectly.
Oh dear, Spring Fever has struck and I'm elbow deep in potting mix and seed sowing and garden clearing. I have a happy knack of being able to ignore the weeds and mess in the garden and just concentrate on the flowers, the colours, the joy of seeing things grow. I don't have time to maintain a spick and span garden, so I just enjoy what I've got.
But I think I might have gone a bit overboard on the roses this year. My brother dug up all his old ones and I rescued five of them and then I bought about ten new ones over the last two months. I'm crazy, but I can't seem to resist them. Now they're all shooting happily and a few have little buds appearing- I can hardly wait until the new ones flower and I can see whether they are as beautiful as the labels say.

When I'm watering this many pots in January I won't be quite so delirious, but that's months away....


Sew Create It - Jane September 02, 2012  

What a beautiful quilt. The mitre borders are fabulous. The extra time and care to match up the seams really makes it worth it.

Jan September 03, 2012  

Very much worth the effort, though, isn't it? I've only done a mitered border once, and appliqued it. Seems to me the only way to go! Love your new top!

Henrietta September 07, 2012  

What is the astonishing orange flowered plant?

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