Sunday, September 09, 2012

Henrietta asked in the comments about the plant in my last post. This pot actually contains dozens of bulbs called lachenalia, and they were from my mum's garden. They reproduce readily. and every year there were more and more of them, which she faithfully dug up when the season was over, and then planted again next year. She had thousands of them, but she couldn't bring herself to throw any away, so it took weeks to get them in the ground. Every path and flower bed was lined with their cheerful ranks, and a self seeded tiny white chrysanthemum grew all through them. The effect was dazzling, and I want to try and replicate it in my garden too.

These were fertilised and grew much larger this year than when they were in the garden. When they die down I'll split them up and store them, they are so crowded in this pot there isn't room for any more. Their spotted leaves are quite handsome too.

I have some red ones from my MIL's garden, but they aren't as prolific and easy to grow. I've never seen them available in shops- I think they must be an old type and not as popular as some of the more flashy bulbs. I'll continue to spread them through the flower beds, but I'm not going to dig them up every year as Mum did. They seem to fend for themselves if left in situ, and it's one less gardening job for me.

It's been very spring-like here, and I had a sudden mad urge to stop sewing the brown brown brown Duck's Foot blocks I've been making and delve into my pastel fabrics.
 It wasn't until I viewed the photos that I realised this must be a reaction to the change of the season, all those pretty blossomy, flowery shades together.
I chose a pretty turquoise for the main colour, and cut up a heap of strips and squares for Bonnie's Pineapple Blossom block.
I've made the centres for twelve blocks to see if I like the process, and to use the smaller pieces from the scrap drawers. Next I'll have to cut  strips to get some longer lengths, and cut a heap more of the background squares. I'm having so much fun I don't think I'll stop at twelve though, these colours are making me very happy.....


julieQ September 09, 2012  

Gorgeous colors, just right for spring! I really love it that you are continuing to save your mothers plants, they are quite beautiful. Enjoy your sewing and gardening!

Sue SA September 10, 2012  

Winter bulbs are my favorites, but I agree its easier to leave them in the ground. I think the benefit of our climate is they dont rot - like some places that get summer rain? Got to be some good to all that heat we get in summer!
Love the Pineapple blocks, wishing i had more 2" strips mine are mainly 2.5" I will have to do something with them soon! Happy quilting Sue SA.

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