Sunday, June 17, 2012

I'm still plodding away on these blocks, but I got a bit bored and relegated them to leader-enders for a while. So the pile of nine patches grows, but I'm working on other things as well.

 I've sewn heaps of them into these 36 patch blocks, which makes them easier to arrange on the design wall, and I have 25 made (100 ninepatches) and about twenty units ready to sew. I'm getting close to the amount needed for the centre of the top, so I'll need to set it all out soon and just see where I'm going.
Remeber my pumpkin patch from the summer? Here's what's left of my produce after giving away some to family and cooking a few over the last months.
 I grew the yellow spaghetti squash, butternut pumpkins and these strange Turk's Turban pumpkins. I bought the seeds from a seed savers stand at a market, because I'd read about them and wanted to see what they were like. I know people used to eat them, especially in the Depression but they were a disappointment flavour wise, in that they had none.

When we were young Mum used to serve up a homegrown vegetable called Trombone, so called because it was very long, and like these Turk's Turbans they were very prolific. The flesh was  similar looking, yellow and  a bit stringy and very watery when cooked. Not all was lost though, because Pippi ate it all up when mixed with her food (it's very good for dogs) and the others I'll enjoy just for their appearance. This year I'll be growing some other large pumpkin like a Queensland Blue or something I can actually like eating.


Leeanne June 18, 2012  

I love those quirky pumpkins! They look like they have personality!

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