Friday, May 25, 2012

I've started another scrap quilt in a very controlled palette of blue, apricot, tan and cream, based on an english quilt I saw on a blog. It's an antique in a small museum, but I can't find the post to link to it at the moment. I have a whole heap of these colours in the scrap bins and they keep getting passed over in favour of others, so I thought it would be brilliant to use them all up in one fell swoop and then cut some yardage to finish it off.

However to my consternation, the scraps seem never ending, and even though I've made over 80 ninepatches

 and the strip sets for another 50 or so,
  there's still a pile left.

 I'm beginning to think I'll make the centre of the quilt without ever having touched the yardage drawers, and there will still be a smattering of scraps lingering around to taunt me.

Depending on my mood, I can either rejoice that I'm getting a whole new top for seemingly nothing- "it's totally made from scraps!!", or it can depress me - "It's made completely from scraps. I'll never get to use the yardage in my stash...sigh.."

I started off in the first mood, but now as I look at the heap of fat quarters I pulled out, hoping to whittle them down, I'm slumping into the second mind frame. Even if I cut a 2" strip from all of them I'd have too many and it wouldn't make much of a diference to the overall pile. I've already decided the back will be pieced and there might be more than the one pieced border I'd planned. Surely after all that I'll be able to see a gap somewhere?

 Back to the magical scraps that never end....


julieQ May 25, 2012  

Oh, this is definite celebration...." it is made entirely from scraps!!!!". Love your quilt!

antique quilter May 25, 2012  

I know the feeling!!! what I have started to do is piece fat quarters together for backings, maybe that would help? good luck!!!!
love making quilts from the scrap basket/strip bins!!!!

Diane May 26, 2012  

I know exactly how you feel. I feel torn. I use the scraps and feel frugal for using every little bit. Then I look at the yardage sitting on the shelf and feel depressed thinking I need to get to it and use that.
I do the same thing with my quilt tops. Do I cut another quilt top because I have the fabric and need to use it, or do I quilt a top since I have so many waiting to be quilted?
Decisions, decisions.

Sue SA May 26, 2012  

The colours are beautiful. Having too much fabric is a blessing in my book, but it is frustrating when the lid STILL wont close on the scrap bin!

Melzie May 27, 2012  

so pretty and soothing, you are doing well :) keep sewing, those scraps can't last forever ;)
xoxo melzie

Anonymous,  May 30, 2012  

first visit to your blog, mereth. do envy your stash of peach, blue, and cream. am working on one with pink, brown, and cream. 2 1/2" squares 10x10. will make 25 blocks. so 100" square. will use something from stash for backing. thanks for bloggng and giving me a little nudge to keep motivated. mary jo (no blog)

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