Sunday, January 01, 2012

The summer heat has started, and my big plans for this weekend have degenerated into staying in my one air conditioned room and trying to stay cool. I did have to go and pick some tomatoes and water the garden, but I did that at six am when the sun wasn't too bad.
I've picked quite a lot of these small heirloom tomatoes, about five kilos so far and today I cut up a tray of them and stuck them outside in the 40 + degree sun. I might as well make use of all that heat I suppose....My vegie garden is coming along nicely, despite some very vigorous digging on Pippi's part. She doesn't seem to understand why I'm so cross about her excavations, and part of me has to admire her zeal. She created one hole deep enough to sit in up to her chest, and removed three punnets of seedlings that I'd just planted there. Most of them were flung about four feet away and amazingly survived being replanted. So now I keep a very close eye on her.....

These are the blocks that Keryn and I are making and I'm finding the colour choices hard going. When there are about ten different fabrics per block I get all confused and it takes me forever to decide what goes where. I thought making the half square units and the flying geese would cut down on some of the indecision, but it's still a slow process. Only a few more to go, so I'll plug away at it and think about what I'm going to work on next.
I hope everyone had a great New Year, there were three very noisy parties around here last night. This morning when I was in the garden I heard some people that sounded very sorry for themselves starting out for home. I'd been up since five and felt full of beans, I couldn't bear to begin the New Year with such a hangover!


sewprimitive karen January 01, 2012  

Mereth, the garden is so gorgeous, gotta keep that little digger from flinging your plants everywhere lol. That block...I'm speechless. Your colors are divine but how you're doing it I will never know. You are amazing.

Jan January 02, 2012  

Such a beautiful block, and yes, it does look like one could be easily confused with placement. I know I would be!
Look at all of those tomatoes!
Happy New Year to you!

Jenni January 02, 2012  

I suppose Ms Pippi is trying to find some coolness in a deep hole, but surely she realises it's cool under the table in the sewing room with the aircon on? It's not too hot up here yet in Brisbane - all my energy is used up swatting mossies.
It's an intricate looking block; I too would be confused.

Kathie January 03, 2012  

I just LOVE this block and your fabric choices are perfect! keep going I can't wait to see more.
lucky you to be able to walk in the backyard and pick fresh veggies....
A/C is good when its too hot and staying in the sewing room for a few days sounds good to me!

Sue SA January 03, 2012  

Perhaps Pippi needs her own corner of the garden to dig...I have no idea how to get that message to her though! Lovely block, but can see how you get confused, it has so many pieces! Hope the cool change has hit you by now, happy quilting Sue SA.

Sherry January 06, 2012  

What a lovely block. Your color choices are wonderful -- even if hard to make.

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