Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Keryn and I are reproducing an antique quilt and it has lots of half square triangles in it, so that's all I've been sewing lately. I'm going to make dozens and dozens and then try to work out the fabric combinations in each block. It's very complicated and needs a lot of focus and care taken with the measurements and I'm just too distracted at the moment. But I can sew two triangles together alrighty!
I have to trim the 'ears' off this batch, and can anyone remember my glass bear that was holding all the little bits for me? Last time I posted about it he wasn't very full at all....(he looks more like a pig in this photo)
But Keryn had been adding her bits to him, and so have I. He's now full up to his eyeballs, and I think we'll get another six months worth of tiny triangles into him and that's it. I do shake them down and pack them into the indentations, but they're pretty springy little customers and bounce up again when he's back on the shelf.

That's a lot of triangles we've sewn together....


antique quilter December 21, 2011  

can't wait to see this new quilt!
ok Love this bear filled with snippets
going to have to find something like this to add mine to for a year would love to see if I could fill it in a year!
Have a wonderful holiday season!

Quiltbirdie December 22, 2011  

I keep my little triangle clips, too, but my jar is just plain. I love your bear/pig.

Vicki H. December 22, 2011  

Tons of triangles sewn and you really have filled him up! I think your quilt is going to be lovely.

Frederique December 30, 2011  

Oh boy, all these tiny triangles... I can't wait to see your quilt!

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