Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I've been without an internet connection for weeks, and I'm just about going crazy. I have 862 unread posts in google reader and I feel like I'm totally out of the loop. I'm working on a solution, but it's not straightforward when you live in the boondocks, as we apparently do. And Keryn has been little better off until just recently, so we felt a bit deprived of our technology.

We were in an op-shop the other day, shamelessly eaves-dropping on a conversation between two of the staff. A man was bemoaning the fact that he and his wife had bought an electric mixer, and the first time they'd used it they couldn't get the beaters out. So they'd taken it back to the shop to complain about it being broken, and blow him down, if the girl didn't tell him there was a button to push and the beaters just fell out. Like that! Well, he hadn't known about it, that's for sure!
The woman listening had been making tsking noises and muttering in sympathy, and finally she said bitterly "That's Technology for you! It only makes things more difficult!" Keryn and I immediately tucked this phrase away, and now when either of us fumbles with things, or we can't get a package of biscuits open, we trot it out..."That's Technology for you!"

But we love our interwebs and the blogging world and instant downloads, and I miss the ease of a good internet connection, sigh. Hopefully I can sort it out soon.
I have a post partly constructed about another block to make with my strings, but there are far too many photos to load now. The container is nearly empty, and I'll have to hunt around for some bits and pieces if I want to keep making string blocks, which is quite encouraging; I thought there was never going to be an end to them!


patricia March 18, 2011  

I love your blog! Thanks for sharing more uses of strings. Here's another possibility


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