Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Scrappy Bargello was really easy to put together, and Bonnies instructions worked like a charm. She adds extra length into the strips to allow for trimming up the strip sets, but I had one piece of fabric that was a tad too small.
I thought I'd squeak it out, but that was the strip where I had to make an extra clean up cut, and I was 1/4" too short at the end. I thought of cutting the whole strip set down, and putting it on the edge of the quilt, because it wouldn't make any difference to the overall look.
But I found another piece of the fabric, and it was the work of minutes to unpick a bit of the seams, insert the patch and sew everything back together again. This is called a 'poverty patch', and a lot of old quilts had them, where the maker eked out the fabrics she had to try to keep to the pattern. I always enjoy finding them when I look at antique quilts, it's a real reminder of how women had to 'make do' in the early days.
I found some pretty rose fabric that had all the colours of the strips in, added the borders and started the machine stitching last night. I couldn't finish the quilting, but it will only take an hour to have this done, and then I can add the binding- the first finish for the year!


Jan Mac February 10, 2011  

A beautiful version of Bonnie's design. I love the border fabric which ties it all together. The person who receives it will love the quilt and you've managed to use up a lot of bits and pieces so a win all round.
Hugs Jan Mac

pdudgeon February 10, 2011  

i love that quilt! thanks for the info on the 'poverty patch'. I have an old hexi quilt from the 1920's era with some of those pieced patches in it, but never knew they had a name!

Brenda February 11, 2011  

Love how this one is looking.

Meggie February 12, 2011  

That is a very pretty quilt!

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