Monday, February 21, 2011

The Scrappy Bargello has finally been bound and photographed and will be sent off as soon as we get some other quilts together for the flood relief. I was really pleased with this pattern and would make another very happily.

I've been sewing my strings and I've got a few blocks to show you, but I haven't got time to do a post on them yet. I'll probably end up with two or three quilts in progress from this collection of bits, I'm amazed how far the strings go.

Henrietta remarked that Pippi was getting big, and I agree. We think she may be bigger than Dolly, her legs are longer and she has a bigger frame than Doll had when she was four months old. We'll have to wait and see, but her appetite is certainly all encompassing, including some of Keryn's potplants. (Got into trouble for THAT). And a few of our socks ...and two slats of the venetian blinds.. and a roll of paper towels.. quantities of grass and a green shopping bag, among other things. I think she's chewed more stuff than Macca, Bonnie and Dolly combined. But she hasn't lost her baby teeth yet, so perhaps she's just going through a phase? I hope so. And Henrietta also asked if she would get lighter as she got older, but I don't think so. Macca has got darker the older he gets, and Dolly's coat deepened in colour too.

I've given up trying to draw Pippi when she's awake because as soon as she notices me watching her she gets all silly and tries to climb into my lap.Perhaps when she's more mature I'll be successful. Sleeping dogs are much easier!

And here's Dolly too.


sewprimitive karen February 21, 2011  

Mereth, your drawings are so fabulous.

Diane February 22, 2011  

A lovely quilt for a worthy cause. That pup of yours is truly omnivorous!

Kerri February 23, 2011  

The doggie drawings are so life like, it is such a treat to see the pics. What a talent you have! The quilt finished up beautifully.

Laura February 24, 2011  

Love that quilt and your drawings are stunning!

Henrietta February 27, 2011  

Dear Mereth we have had terrible floods here in Hawaii. My house at 2500' has been washed away. I am sitting outside in the rain shivering, wrapped in a chicken feed sack. Send quilt immediately please.

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