Wednesday, July 14, 2010

We spent the weekend in Adelaide, catching up with Rob and Elisa, and John and Liz and it was lovely to see them all together.

Keryn wrote about the "Scroll -Off" here, and I must say it makes me proud that all of my sons can cook. As teenage boys with colossal appetites they always had a healthy interest in anything edible, but now they can produce the food as well as pack it away.
And the finished product....
John's batch is on the left, Rob's on the right. They were both delicious, especially warm from the oven. Yum!

Elisa and I went shopping together, to Hetties Patch, and bought a little bag of fabric, so that I could make a little quilt, which will eventually cover this little bump, when it makes it's appearance in September.
It's so exciting, I'll be a Granny for the first time! We worked out this baby will have 10 grandparents, and I haven't decided what I want to be called yet. Plenty of time to work that out....
Amazing, isn't it?


Chookyblue...... July 15, 2010  

I read about the scrolls but I am so pleased we get to see them...........they look wonderful.....
exciting news happening becoming a granny..........i know you will be able to make a gorgeous quilt.........

Sheila July 15, 2010  

Congratulations on the grandbaby! Lovely family you have there.

sewprimitive karen July 15, 2010  

Your sons are adorable!! p.s. also love the cat in the 1st. Much congratulations on becoming a grandma.

Amy July 15, 2010  

It is amazing! Congrats Grandma.

Stephanie Newman July 15, 2010  

Congratulations! Babies are amazing- ultrasound is a wonderful thing.
I wish I could sample some of those scrolls, they look yummy!

Sue SA July 15, 2010  

Congratulations on teaching your sons to cook, I also think that is a very important part of our role as Mothers - to make our children self sufficient and of course that also makes then a "good catch"! It is my aim for my two boys to enjoy cooking, although at 2 and 4 we are focused on playdough at present!
Wow 10 grandparents, you might need to get in quick with your title preference - my mother insisted on Mama (as this was her beloved grandmothers title) and it does reduce the confusion for my boys. As a child we had two "grandmas" and "grandpas" and I never knew which one we were visiting until we got there... three hours later, as we lived in the country! I look forward to the good news in Sept, plus seeing the cot quilt in progress.
Happy quilting Sue SA.

pdudgeon July 15, 2010  

oh those look yummy! lovely pic of the family and the new baby on the way!

Vicki H. July 16, 2010  

Congrat! My children had lots of Grandmas when they were little as my great grandmothers were still living. We called some Grandma First name, Some Grandma last name and what ever worked out at the time. I asked our mothers what they wanted and that worked too.

Kathi July 17, 2010  

Congratulations, Granny-to-be. I think that it's the favorite role I've played during my lifetime. So many quilts that will need to be made.
With all of us living longer and multiple marriages the norm, my grands have tons of grandparents as well. For a bit, I was "Grandma3puppies" to one- it will sort itself out!
And just like anything else, you get back what you put in, and then some. Very richly rewarding!

Mary Johnson July 18, 2010  

Congratulations. I just became a grandmother 2 months ago and while I'm still adjusting to the idea......little Caleb is very, very sweet.

Both of my boys cook too ....Adam ended up going to culinary school and cooks for a living and while Chris wasn't interested in helping in the kitchen when growing up has ended up being the main cook In his house since getting married several years ago.

Meggie July 18, 2010  

What joyous exciting news to wait for in the future.
I taught my sons to cook, & very proficient the have become.
How handsome your sons are!

Angie August 19, 2010  

I know you have to be so excited!! I just love babies!!

So you could be called Nana, Grandmother, Granny, Mamaw, Grandma, MeeMaw, Ma, so many names.

When I was growing up I had a Mamaw, an Old Granny and a New Granny and a Ma. Ma and my Old Granny were my Great Grandmothers.....they truly were Great!

I still have a quilt that I cherish that my Old Granny made for me. She died back in 1989. I was graduating from Middle school that year. I have owned that quilt for as long as I can remember. Sorry to get so indepth there.

Good luck with your name for your new grandbaby. :0)

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