Saturday, July 03, 2010

Finally the Irish Waves is done, and I will never add a pieced border on the fly again. If I'd been sensible I would have asked Keryn to work it all out in EQ6 and tell me how it went, but it didn't even occur to me. I worked it out on graph paper, then impulsively decided to first add an extra border of squares, and then a solid border of mid blue. I didn't think at the time of how that would affect the corners, and I ended up just cobbling it all together.

I'm sick of thinking about it, and I've got all bogged down and I just want it finished. This pieced border has added nearly a thousand extra pieces to what was already a heavily pieced top. I need to closely examine my little exclamations of "You know what might look good.....?!" It turned out to be a lot of extra agonising in this case.

But I really like it, and I love the centre pattern which went together beautifully. I want to make another soon, but in a different fabric combination. I have completely used all my light and dark 1 3/4" scrap squares in this, so the drawer is practically emptied, which is what I set out to do. I used no yardage in this, it was all scraps and individually cut pieces. The pink setting squares were oddments of fat quarters left from our early quilting days, but sad to say there are still a few of them left. We did go a bit overboard on that dusty pink, which looks soooo dated now.

One top down, one more pieced border left to do and then I can devote my time to something else entirely.....


pdudgeon July 03, 2010  

yep you're right, it does look good with the extra row and the pieced border. That's quite an accomplishment. Hope you enter it into a quilt show somewhere because it deserves a prize.

Tazzie July 03, 2010  

The pieced border is entirely wonderful Mereth, I really love it. I bet it is a wonderful feeling having that drawer of scraps dealt with.
Do you know how you'll quilt it? I'm sure you have something wonderful in mind.

Andra Gayle July 03, 2010  

it is beautiful. I would love to have it completed but it is a top that I would never start-too intimidated by all the little pieces. It will be a treasured quilt!

sophie July 03, 2010  

The pieced border is PERFECT--as much of a pain and a time suck that it might have been, from here, it seems totally worth it.

Karen July 03, 2010  

Lots of squares in this one. It has the look of an old quilt. I remember when dusty pink was the "in" color and everyone had it.

Pokey July 04, 2010  

It is hard to finish when creative ideas become drudgery, but, you did it! I think the results AND the finish make this idea well worth your time.

sewprimitive karen July 04, 2010  

This quilt is such a pleasure to look at. I enjoy your writing so much. You really bring out the angst that we all have in quilting sometimes and so funny how we get a great idea and sometimes (often?) it bites us back before it's over LOL. I LOVE how the dusty pink looks.

quiltmom anna July 05, 2010  

It is a terrific pieced border Mereth. It may have not felt worth it while you were making it but it turned out beautifully. It must feel great to have used up some of your scraps too.
Thanks for sharing your wonderful quilt.

julieQ July 07, 2010  

I really love it! The border adds so much...but I agree, a bit daunting when you had already done so much piecing!!

suz July 10, 2010  

Even though you "cobbled" it together, it is absolutely beautiful. You should be very proud of this quilt.

Brenda July 11, 2010  

Love it. Can't wait to see what you do with the quilting.

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