Thursday, June 03, 2010

Yesterday I left the quilt I was working on ( the second of the day ) and tottered in to Keryn's office, when she was typing frantically at the computer, answering some desperate email and tearing her hair out over a photocopier that won't print nicely. "Do you realise" I asked her "That we have worked 17 days in a row?" She turned a half-crazed face to me and uttered a sort of scream that frightened Dolly - apparently my observation hadn't helped matters any. We can't go on like this....

Years ago, when my boys were little, they used to watch Star Trek, Next Generation at a friend's house. My sci-fi experience had been limited to John Wyndham novels and an enthusiastic embracing of the Star Wars movies when they first came out.

Because the boys enjoyed the series so much we began watching it at home, and then we progressed to Voyager and Deep Space Nine when they began to be shown.I was never taken with the Klingon's bloodthirsty ways, but the boys loved them and there were many bat'leth fights all over the house. (Word of warning, don't start searching Star Trek sites, there are some strange people out there...)

It was always a good weekend when there was a stack of rented episodes next to the main tv and we had our own little marathon. I quilted and pieced many projects to those series, and the boys drew, worked on the computer or played video games on a second tv with the sound turned down. It was very companionable and made for some good family bonding.

However, the boys moved on to other enthusiasms and somehow I was the only one left an ardent fan. I still am to this day, although half of my enjoyment is picking on my least favourite characters and groaning at the "Kill the Extra" mentality. I own all the series except the original, can't come at that somehow, and I regularly revisit them, just for a laugh.

Now those warrior Klingons have a battle cry of "It is a Good Day to Die!!", followed by a blood-curdling "ROAHHRR!!!" After the first seven days of quilting without a break, I tried to whip up some enthusiasm with my own little catch-cry of "It is a Good Day to Quilt!!", followed by the "ROAHHR!" Keryn was a bit non-plussed, and half heartedly repeated the words, but refused to do the roar. Wuuss.
Perhaps we could be the Duras sisters of quilting, Lursa and B'Etor! Except they were the baddies and it's getting too chilly for those outfits (you wouldn't want to get a cold in THOSE chests) and Keryn doesn't like the whole forehead ridges thing.

I'm facing at least three more big quilts before I can take a break, and I don't think I can manage the quilting cry today. I'll do my best, but it's more likely to come out as "It is a good day to quilt; squeak."


Jenni June 03, 2010  

You are both working too hard....

sewprimitive karen June 03, 2010  

Mereth, you two need a vacation by the sea! Sans forehead ridges.

Meggie June 03, 2010  

You both need some serious down~time!!

pdudgeon June 03, 2010  

yep, i was gonna say the same thing. But if that's not quite possible yet, at least take dolly out for a brisk walk and have some play time with her. you'll both be better off. ((((huggs)))

Brenda June 05, 2010  

Be kind to yourself. Have a day off!

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