Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Another pretty customer quilt, I loved the pink and yellow colour combination in this one. I've quilted three of these Gardeners Journal tops, and they are all different, it's amazing how the different fabrics seem to change the pattern.
I put the borders on another long term UFO, and I've made the backing and cut out the binding. How's that for organised? I'm keeping an unofficial record of fabric usage this year and so far I've only gone through 68 metres. Got to get those figures up, and backings are a great way to do it.

I'm piecing borders for two other projects, and the Irish Waves one is in a terrible muddly state. If I don't get this sorted soon I'll chuck the lot away, it's really starting to irritate me. I bet Bonnie never gets in a mess like this, her borders are complicated and tinily pieced and add wonderfully to the design. I'm wondering if this border will even suit the top, now that I've gone to the trouble of actually piecing most of it, sigh. Sometimes things look good on graph paper and it doesn't translate as well into fabric. I'll keep you informed...
I'm still plodding away at my applique at night, but I tend to drift off after a couple of pieces, especially if I've been up since four o'clock. When I press the bits before sewing I often muck around, playing with ideas. And then I can take a photo and record it for later, in case I ever want to develop something.
I love digital cameras, I used to do this with film, but it cost a fortune to print them. Technology has added benefits to the sewing room in so many ways, hasn't it? Perhaps if I'd worked my bloomin' borders out in EQ6 they wouldn't be in such a mess now.....


Chookyblue...... May 25, 2010  

nice to see another version of Gardener's Journal......this one is different again to what I have seen it made in......beautiful quilting.......

Mary Johnson May 25, 2010  

I love digital cameras too and often take photos to help me decide how to arrange something or to remember a setting. Of course storing all the photos eventually becomes a problem but its so hard for me to delete anything.

sewprimitive karen May 26, 2010  

That is such a pretty applique design. Yes, thank goodness for digital cameras, they're a miracle.

Meggie May 26, 2010  

Digital cameras have brought so many benefits! I love that we can turn crappy shots into very nice pics! Our measly gardens can turn into gorgeous greeneries...
Your applique is pretty.

julieQ May 28, 2010  

I really like your UFO...wonderful pinks! Very pretty prepped block too, Mereth.

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