Monday, October 06, 2008

Sorry for the silence.I've been having troubles with my camera for a while and finally had to resort to finding my old one and using that. I can't seem to post without pictures, so I apologise for my absence.

When last I spoke I said I was looking forward to doing some of my own sewing, and I've been productive. I've got one top nearly finished and borders put on another and lots of piecing done, but the best part of my little binge in the sewing room was this.....
Oh my goodness, I've been a cutting fool! It felt good to slice up so many bits that had been hanging around for years and just get rid of them altogether. I felt very virtuous after I'd slashed through all these pale wishy washy blues and then sewed them into this...
The backing for my blue and white Crosses and Losses.This is 92" square so there's a considerable amount of fabric that has been swallowed up. For ages I've been putting all the blue and white scraps in one box; samples from shops, bits from scrap bags, salesman samples, gifted scraps, two new cotton shirts from K-Mart for $3! name it. I sewed them together to make a central panel and then started chopping up fat quarters into 10 1/2" strips like Bonnie, but used them strippy style instead of squares. When I ran out of fat quarters I used blue and white half metres, and when they were gone there were a couple metre lengths that fell under the cutter. I used Heaps I'm telling you!Now Keryn might say that this is Ugly and it took two days that I might have spent sewing Gorgeous fabric together, but I can't get past that fact..."I used HEAPS!!" (And Keryn pieces her backings too, so she's just stirring me up)

As I took this photo I noticed the light bouncing off something in the pile.
I was Looking for that!!!


Donna October 06, 2008  

it always feels so great to move so many various bits and pieces thorugh to a "done" stage :-) And yup, using it all up in a backing makes great use of it :-)

Katie Z. October 07, 2008  

I like using heaps too!

meggie October 09, 2008  

I love those blues! Of course, to me, most of them are 'new'!

quiltmom anna October 12, 2008  

I think that your heaps are beautiful Mereth. It is a charming looking quilt - front or back...

Quilty Cat October 14, 2008  

Do all those seams create a problem on the longarm? C

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