Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm really looking forward to doing a bit of sewing for myself soon. I've been grabbing a few minutes here and there and have made some progress, but I've promised myself a whole day as a reward. The deadlines quilts are over and I can potter in my room without feeling guilty.
I managed to put the borders on this old top from the early nineties. The fabrics are a great sample of what was available at the time because they're made from bundles of squares that were left over from a fabric club Keryn's friend used to run. She gave them to Keryn who naturally passed them on to me. I hand pieced all of this and had a great time seeing what went together. I delighted in the variety of fabrics that were in the stacks of squares, and having only a small amount of each made it challenging.

I found some old fabrics from that era to make the borders, so they're in keeping with the centre, and it has joined the pile of our own tops that we've been too busy to quilt. Soon, my pretties!Here is the last customer quilt, a pretty fairy concoction in pastel colours. It was fun to work on this and I guess I went a little overboard, but I just couldn't seem to stop.

I've got no idea who designed this but the customer did a lovely job of the applique and her grand-daughter is waiting impatiently for it.

Fairies galore around here.


julieQ September 25, 2008  

I really like your top, and hope your have time to quilt it soon. The applique quilt is very pretty, your quilting adds so much to it.

Sew Create It - Jane September 26, 2008  

I love the top..just my cup of tea.

The quilting you've done on your customer's quilt is fantastic.

Paula September 26, 2008  

Hey, would that make it a "vintage" quilt??? I absolutely adore scrap quilts!

tirane93 September 26, 2008  

that is a darling top! i love the way your color choices emphasize the interesting geometry of the block.

Shasta Matova September 26, 2008  

Both are wonderful quilts. The quilting really makes the fairy quilt sing.

Henrietta September 26, 2008  

The quality of the applique work is amazing. Please pass my sincere compliments to the maker.

Your quilting is inspired.

Please keep your fingers crossed we get some rain, we have had less than 10% of average annual this year. I can see lightning!

Anonymous,  September 26, 2008  

Love your quilt top. Is there a name for the design/pattern. Looks great for scraps.

Anonymous,  September 26, 2008  

love the quilt top. Any chance of you giving us the piece dimensions?


meggie September 26, 2008  

Your top is great. It gives me hope that I will one day get my UFOs finished!
Love the customer fairy quilt. Lucky little girl.

Anonymous,  October 07, 2008  

great top
even the quilt is also lovely

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