Friday, May 18, 2007

This is a Double Wedding Ring top that Mereth hand-pieced many years ago. It's made entirely with vintage dressmaking scraps, garnered from every place possible. While I was photographing it I saw many scraps from clothes we made in the 70s, often from material that Mum had bought much earlier. These fabrics have so much character, I just love looking at them and remembering what they were used for, and where we bought them, and even wearing the clothes we made from them.

I (Keryn) am supposed to be quilting it, but I haven't got round to it just yet. I want to design some spectacular feather motifs to fit in the white spaces, but when I think about it, it should have simpler quilting, in keeping with it's simple origins. Whatever I decide to do I'm sure I will have a lot of fun with it. It's beautifully pieced and a delight to study.

I love that little birdy, he's so retro; Mereth and I grew up playing with scraps of fabric like this. We used to go to our Gran's house while our Mum went off to work, and one of our favourite occupations was going through the duster bag in Gran's spare room. I can remember her calling out 'Don't you pull that bag to pieces again!' and Mereth and I busily burrowing through it and answering 'We won't Gran....' All those gorgeous fabrics, and Gran used them to polish the sideboard, and then threw them away. Sigh!


Paula, the quilter May 19, 2007  

That is such a lovely top. The 'traditional' quilting motif for those spaces is usually a spider web. On the one I did, I used a flower.

Hedgehog May 19, 2007  

What a beautiful top! Glad you're having fun with it!

Chookyblue...... May 19, 2007  

Come on Keryn get this quilted for Mereth. It is a beautiful quilt. Who has it Mereth or Keryn....
On the scraps - my kids love them and the last bit about you rumaging thru the bin is just like mine. I have to hide the bits I want to throw out or they will never make it to the bin.

May Britt May 19, 2007  

This double wedding ring quilt is so beautiful. I have always wanted to make one myself. Perhaps I should use all my scraps.

meggie May 20, 2007  

Oh I simply love that quilt, with all those memories! I wish I had kept more scraps from 'the day'. My Mum kept them for many years, & still had a few from my old clothes when she died. I have them now, & use them in quilts.
I used to go & buy fabric on Friday nights, to make into a dress to wear out on Saturday night!

MARCIE May 20, 2007  

What a wonderful quilt! and so full of wonderful memories! Mereth did a great job, as usual. I am getting a kick out of you, Keryn, posting for her.

YankeeQuilter May 21, 2007  

What a great quilt top. Most vintage wedding ring quilts are not too heavily quilted (hope that helps!)

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