Monday, May 28, 2007

Mereth is flying to South Australia today, and will be back home tomorrow. I have no doubt that Matt and Mac and Jessie will be overjoyed to see her again. And she will KILL me for posting this stuff behind her back! So while I can, here's another post, something she wrote about Jessie, the dog of very little brain, and limited bladder control....
My dog is so dumb and her head is so small she only has room for one
thought at a time in her head. Her stream of conciousness would go
something like this....

My ear is itchy.......was that a cat?........hi mum!...(grovel on
tummy for a bit).... oops, I wet ear IS itchy!....was
that the gate?...better go see....nup.....It IS a cat! my
tummy's itchy.....CAT....CAT....CAT...!...! that food in my bowl?

Sits down, scratches ear...

She's so dumb that if you stand by the gate and lift the latch (it
clicks), but don't open the gate, she'll just run straight into it.
"I heard the latch, therefore the gate is open, even though I can see
it's not." Now, I don't do this deliberately *hermm*, but sometimes
I'm a little slow when I'm juggling bags and such. So yes, I admit, I
do find it funny. Does that make me a bad person?


Harmany Quilting May 28, 2007  

Hi Mereth, great to meet you at the Perth show, such a great day. Good luck with your computer. Keryn has been most interesting while you have been away. Best wishes, Nicola

meggie May 28, 2007  

Awww Jessie is so cute!!

Jenni June 11, 2007  

Yes but she's cute and she means well...

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