Monday, August 07, 2006

One of my little mantras that run through my head is "When things get back to normal......" and you'd think by now that I would have realised there IS no 'normal'. There just seems to be a succession of upheavals and events and my mythical 'normal' existance retreats into the distance. Oh well, what am I gonna do, cry about it?

As Keryn mentioned on her blog Mum is in hospital, and will be there for some time. She's comfortable and seems happy enough, and it's a lovely little place. The nurses are kind and familiar and the kitchen staff remember she doesn't like chicken so they've got to have something else for Marj. I go up at five every evening to help her with tea, and we watch the sunset over the trees at the

end of the drive. A comforting little ritual.

But in protest at my disrupted existence I decided to start a "good" quilt, one that I've had drawn up in my ideas book for some time. I had a picture of an antique one , and I wanted nothing but gorgeous reproductions for this. The loot I got from Keryn's trip finally made me realise that (a), they are going to keep on making ever more beautiful fabric and (b), I'm going to keep on owning at least some of it. Therefore I have to start using my most precious bits or risk being inundated with these pristine fat quarters, some of which have not even been nibbled at in 5 or 6 years.

So I've started the process I really like the best, working out the trial block, deciding the pressing order (remember I'm a bit obsessive about pressing seams?), cutting strips and stacking them with military precision. I love the organising part of a new project, and the control of my fabric makes up for the things in my life I can't change. The world can be falling apart but at least my seams are pressed the right way!

Yes, a 'good' quilt. A 'nice' quilt. Not the usual scraps and castoffs thing I've been doing , but one that I can take care over. I want to make sure that each block is a creation I've thought about and not just slapped together.

Not that I haven't enjoyed my 'slung together' quilts, I have. But like my heroine Talula, I sometimes feel the need to put a bit more effort into what I'm doing, be a bit more precise about the final result. And I daresay if this ends up as a pile of blocks in a drawer I'll at least have made a dent in the gorgeous reproductions that I have so many of.

And there are always socks to be knitted.....


The Calico Cat August 07, 2006  

I'd love to see a full shot of that pink & white quilt under the socks... (Is that a "slung together" quilt? - nicely done if it is.)

Eileen August 08, 2006  

Even your "slung together" quilts look good. Have fun with this "good" one.

Susan August 11, 2006  

I love the way you phrased your realizations. You verbalized some of what I've been thinking, especially as I visited my stash this last week. There's way too much good stuff!

The socks are so cute! I'm not a knitter and never will be, but I love seeing the socks people make.

I like your first block on this new quilt, too. I think I'm going to love the colors you are using.

ForestJane August 13, 2006  

Like the socks!

It's amazing how many quilters are also crafty in other ways, esp. knitting!

Anonymous,  August 17, 2006  

Your "good quilt" will be gorgeous - as are the socks - great pattern and colours :-)

Evelyn aka Starfishy August 21, 2006  

I have found that even if I am not having a perfect day, there are many perfect moments within that day. Even when life is very hectic and not exactly what you had in mind there can be nice little moments tucked in here and there. Enjoy your new quilting project! Having some sort of project on hand always soothes my nerves!



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