Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Here's the picture of the pink and white quilt as requested. I was making blocks to try out a few of my ideas and decided to use up some pinks on this design. It turned out alright, and the big white spaces left plenty of room for some of Keryn's quilting designs. I love getting a free copy of everything she does, one of the perks of being family!

I've heard of shoe fetishes, but I think I have a hand-knitted sock fetish. I can't stop making the things! They're just so portable and mindless, I can sit next to Mum's bed in the hospital and click away without disturbing her or needing much light. I can take them to a friends house and do a few rows, I even took the blue and yellow faux fair isle to a committee meeting and knitted in between voting on issues.

The worrying thing is I'll probably make them through all but the hottest days of summer, so next winter I may have drawers full of them. Oh well, I'll have to start a shawl or go back to knitting cotton lace like I did in my teens, if my hands will stand it. Somehow handpiecing isn't as convenient; I have to have a lot more equipment and I need my glasses for handsewing now, whereas I mostly knit by feel. I love keeping my hands busy, even winding wool into balls from the skein is therapeutic and soothing.


quiltpixie August 22, 2006  

Older family members who knit swear they'll never wear store bought socks, so I try not to knit sicks for myself not wanting to awaken the monster that'll need feeding the rest of my life :-)Yours are so pretty though they're a real temptation

Norma August 22, 2006  

I love this quilt. What pattern is the piecing? Wonderful quilting as well! Did you say the quilter was related? Lucky you.

paula, the_quilter August 23, 2006  

I knit sox too and I agree with you on the portability. My sox drawer runneth over! and still I continue to knit them. I swear it's an addiction. /paula

Lisa D. August 23, 2006  

That quilt is really beautiful, and the quilting adds so much to it - just lovely!

computerpeach August 23, 2006  

the quilt is lovely - the quilting magnificent!

EileenKNY August 23, 2006  

I love your sister's patterns, and I have your "Featheration". What is this one? Is it new? Whatever, it looks great on that quilt.
I'm not a knitter, never have been. But your socks look very warm and cuddly.

Sewcatherine August 23, 2006  

The quilting on the pink and white is absolutely divine...

Anonymous,  August 23, 2006  

OOhhh, pretty quilt & quilting!

Anonymous,  August 24, 2006  

I love the socks! The toes are done differently to what I've seen before. The quilt is gorgeous on both sides. I like the simple quilting too.

Marcie August 28, 2006  

I am a big fan of PINK and I LOVE your pink quilt. The block is darling and the quilting is fabulous! Your work just keeps amazing me!

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