Saturday, July 01, 2006

Keryn sent me a wonderful parcel full of material and yarn and gadgets, so I've been as happy as a pig in mud sorting through it all. I like to play with new fabric for several days, sort of imprinting it on my mind, so this pile has been left out for me to fondle.
However, I didn't let the needles cool down from the pair of red socks before I was casting on some stripey ones with the wool Keryn sent-Regia Crazy Colour. I've already turned the heel, (in one day, I'm obsessed with seeing how the colour knits up) in fact I turned it twice because I didn't like the effect the first time and pulled it out. This is my sixth pair of socks this winter, and I keep telling everyone my goal is to have 14 pairs so I only have to wash them once a fortnight!

And I don't have stinky feet, so I can't see why this isn't feasible!
And Look, Peoples!!! There has been some sewing, at last.~ Just boring old blocks that I was making from the leader-ender 4-patches back in march I think. But they represent the first project that I've sewn in my new sewing room, which is almost sorted out, except for my fluro light. So this is a huge thing for me, finally being organised enough to sit down with all my equipment around and just stitch my little bits of fabric.
If you aren't a sewer I suppose it's hard to understand just how comforting this obsession can be. I, on the the other hand can't understand what 'normal' people do to make themselves feel better when under stress. Smoke? Drink? Meditate on their navels? Give me fabric and a machine any day.


quiltpixie July 02, 2006  

busy busy busy.... your gift is wonderful, lots of "new stuff" to play with :-)

Finn July 02, 2006  

It's such fun to get packages..*VBS*, and it looks like you hit the jackpot!
Really a great yarn, I think the socks will be spectacular! And I for one can appreciate how great it is when you finally get to sit down and sew!!!

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