Thursday, June 22, 2006

I'm Back! Finally I have internet access again, I was going mad after nearly three weeks without it. I like living in a small country town, but services are pretty erratic, to say the least. Musn't grumble, and patience is a virtue apparently...

We've been having a cold spell, the coldest June nights in 20 years according to the weather reports. I left my car out of the shed one night, and this is what it looked like next morning. I know it gets a lot colder in a lot of other places, but we're not used to this.

Years ago I made a big quilted jacket out of two layers of fleecy with flannelette for filling. I used to wear it when we lived on the farm and I was never cold, but the boys hated it. One of them dubbed it my "hobo coat" and forbade me to be seen wearing it.It's so cold I got it out again, I figure they'll never know that I shamelessly walk to the letterbox in it and even wave to friends going past instead of diving behind the fence. It's too tatty for a photo here, and I think next year I might lay it to rest in the wheelie bin. If the weather's not too cold....

We've got a new concrete path by the front rose bed, instead of the old rustic pavers that were there before. They looked nicer, but Mum couldn't use her walker on them safely. I have room for more roses now, I think it's a disease. I've bought three new ones this year, we dug up some of Mum's from her old place, and I had 30 or so in pots.... so even after planting 19 along the front path there are still twenty to go in the ground. EEK!! By spring it should all look stunning.

I promise that one day there will be quilting related stuff happening again, this is the longest I've been without my 'habit' for decades......


Nic Bridges June 22, 2006  

Glad to see you back Mereth. I love heritage roses - when my Nan's house was about to be demolished, I happily gave a home to several of her old rose bushes. They thrive now in my front garden, along with another my aunty Rosie gave me after Nan died. Roses hold our memories...

Rae June 23, 2006  

When I read your blog I always forget that you are on the other side of the globe therefore when we are starting summer (today they predict high 90s to low 100s Fairenhight). I hope your mother is enjoying living with you. We moved my mother into the appartment downstairs form our appartment just 1 year ago. I took her quite a while to adjust to a new living space after living in their (my parent's) house for over 60 yrs.
My best wishes.
PS: I live in No California

Laura June 28, 2006  

Glad to have you back! I am a rose lover also, my Grandpa always had all kinds of roses planted.

ForestJane June 29, 2006  

Nice smooth path - you'll have to use it for inline skating practice now. :)

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