Saturday, January 14, 2006

Last year I was asked to make a signature quilt for the local primary school, so that they could raffle it as a fund raiser. I was given large squares of homespun with the kids names embroidered by another lady, and my instructions were literally "Make a quilt..."

It was quite a logistical nightmare trimming them all to size( there's always someone who won't stay within the guidelines) and then keeping them in the correct classes, and coming up with a setting that didn't look too boring. The piecing took me weeks and weeks to sort out, the quilting was done in two days on my Janome 6500. I wish I did own a longarm, as the few times I've had acess to one we played together very nicely. Better win the lottery to get one of those babies, sigh...

I did everything freehand, even the ditchstitching, because I didn't want to wash blue marks out afterwards. I always wash my quilts straight after binding, but I don't like taking chances with customer quilts. I did 10 quilts for other people last year, I don't seek them out so I could probably get a lot more if I wanted to. Not able to handle the pressure at the moment, but one day I might get a bit more professional.

I also quilted 4 for myself and made 11 tops and who knows how many sets of blocks. I don't have guilt over my unfinished projects, this is what I do and it's more important to keep being creative than stifle myself with trying to work on one project at a time. That's my theory anyway.


Giusy Jdeebella January 08, 2007  

This is so beautiful!! I've never thought about using exchanged labels this way... Your idea it's wonderful! thank you for share the quilt, it's gorgeaus!
Happy quilting, Giusy

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