Tuesday, January 31, 2006

I'm not speaking to my Little Cross blocks, and they're not saying anything to me either. I keep making suggestions, perhaps they would like to have navy sashings..no? Perhaps a double pink.. what about triple sashes, or a garden maze (getting desperate here) and still they just sit there, sulking and not being at all helpful. As I rely on my quilts to 'tell' me where we're going, you can see I haven't made any progress. Only what they DON'T want me to do.

So, seeing they are being so fickle, I'm rummaging around in my other UFO's. I store finished sets of blocks in large pizza boxes (bought new from the pizza shop, no recycling going on here) or in handy boxes that used to house two and a half doz. eggs. I like things to stack up nicely and match and the fact they were free was an added bonus.

I make lots of blocks with no real plan in mind, so I quite often end up with this problem of not really knowing where I'm going with a particular project. I think that's why I have so many UFO's; I'm waiting for a nudge in the right direction and sometimes nothing occirs to me.

It's much easier when I copy an antique quilt, or at least use it as a starting point; I've got something to refer back to.

This is a set of blocks that stewed and simmered for a couple of years until I decided what they were going to be. I chose border fabric for it today, so I might finish this top and banish the Little Cross beggars back to the egg box.

Ignore the overflowing rubbish bin, at least SOME of the snibbles aren't on the floor!


keryn January 31, 2006  

Are the dark setting triangles that floral I bought a bolt of at Troy? I would never have thought to do that with those blocks, it's wonderful!!!

Let those Little Cross blocks stew for a few more weeks, and then they'll get really jealous and demand to talk to you....

Lucy February 06, 2006  

This quilt stole my heart !!

Lucy February 06, 2006  

ps.. I love alos the star quilt behind. Can we see the whole quilt :c)

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