Monday, June 13, 2016

 The last two months have been crazy busy, including the birth a Keryn's first grand-daughter and Izzies second birthday. While Keryn was away fulfilling her nanna duties with Isla Rose, I did her postie round as well as mine, worked in a friend's cafe and tried to keep up with the customer quilting and family time.
I did keep piecing and achieved things in the sewing room but I haven't had time to take decent photos and blog about it. Hopefully life will be a bit quieter from now on!

Izzy's party was a great chance to catch up with the relatives who live in Adelaide, including my three grandsons. The latest, Eddy, was a bit of a shock because he's grown into a gigantic baby since I last saw him. I honestly could not hold him for long, unless he was resting on a table or the back of a chair. Completely breastfed too- what will he be like when he's eating food?

This is Keryn holding him- he's only five months old but what a big boy!

Izzy looked adorable in her butterfly wings but it was so cold that she had to wear them over her jacket.

I love this photo of her and Uncle Rob, so cute.

It eventually got too much for her and she had to have a nap, it's tiring being the birthday girl.

Now if I can just manage to take some half way decent photos of what I'm working on, I can resume normal blogging....


Panto Pam June 13, 2016  

Glad to see you are back!

tirane93 June 14, 2016  

"uncle rob" holding that tiny fairy's hand is so cute!

miscellanea June 15, 2016  

He really is a "big Boy". But he looks so calm and content. Such a happy bonny Baby! And the little birthday fairy - so sweet.

Lori September 30, 2016  

they grow so fast! Hug them while you can.

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