Tuesday, June 14, 2016

 While I have started a couple of new quilts this year, I'm really trying to finish up old projects. These Economy blocks were made years ago to use up some blue scraps, but even making sixty of them didn't deplete the blue container much. I think there was more cream homespun used than anything else; the scrap pile of that fabric did go down quite a bit.

I pulled out twelve blocks as being far too dark (now I have to make another little top using them...) and chose a sandy beige setting fabric that's been in the stash for a very long time. I really like the understated effect of just one colour family (blue) and a single fabric for the setting. I raided Keryn's stash for another half a metre when I didn't have quite enough; it's handy having a backup source of free material if I run out. And she has access to my containers too if she needs something.

I made the border about an inch wider than the sashing, and put a 3" square in square block in each corner.

If I bind it in the sandy colour then all of that fabric will have been removed from my stash, and Keryns too. That's a win, and I've already chosen some backing material so that's about eight  metres gone in total. It's not much, but every little bit helps.


keryn June 14, 2016  

Especially when one shopping trip adds 12 metres to the stash.... :)

mereth June 14, 2016  

No need to mention that....

Gypsy Quilter June 14, 2016  

Gorgeous! Would you mind sharing the measurements of the blocks?

Chookyblue...... June 15, 2016  

Looks great with all the blocks together.... Must make a 2 colour quilt......

Sue SA June 15, 2016  

Love blue and white, but the sandy sashing really makes it sing.

Brenda June 15, 2016  

I love it's u der stated elegance.

Tanya June 15, 2016  

Love blue quilts and yours is gorgeous.

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