Friday, March 28, 2014

The Framed Star top is done and I'm very happy with how it turned out. These blocks were so much fun to piece, (and so easy) that I wanted to make more and more. I did replace five of the older blocks with new ones, because I thought they were a bit too dark, and I was very glad of the excuse to sew some more. It's not often I love a pattern from start to finish, but I never got sick of these; I may have to come back and make another set in completely different fabrics.
 The pieced border is very simple, but finished the centre off in a nice way. I don't mind quilts that don't have borders, but I felt the blocks ending at the edge was a bit abrupt. The pieced strip was very quick to make, and I sewed it to the large sections of the top before I  put them all together, so that minimised the very long seams.
 And then I added a two inch border of the setting cream as a final frame.
 Now I get to cross it off the list, clear out the project box and fill it with something new, probably my Ohio stars.
Finish one, start one, nothing wrong with that is there?


Jan March 28, 2014  

I can see why you are so pleased with it; it looks so old fashioned. And it creates a chain, always a favorite with me. Anxious to see how you quilt it.

Karen March 28, 2014  

I like how you used a dark background on the Friendship Star blocks. Good choice.

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