Sunday, March 23, 2014

 I've been busy sewing my Framed Star blocks together, but I was desperate to have some smaller piecing to be going on with. I decided to perfect my Ohio Star making skills, and cut out a host of bits.

I also finished some other blocks that were laying around, but the stars have been my little compulsion. I can't stop making them, even though their final design is a bit hazy. I'm just super pleased that they're all turning out so neat and perfect, and it's easy to make three or four in between the long seams of the other star blocks.
 My files have  many wonderful photos of antique quilts featuring this block, now I just have to decide which one, or two or three to make.

I've come to really detest the long seams involved in sewing tops together, and now I prefer to sew the blocks into smaller chunks, and usually I just have one long seam to sew at the very end. And I don't mind that because it means I'm Done!

The blocks are now in three large pieces, but I want to add a pieced border, and I'm going to sew that to each section  before I put it all together. I'm really pleased with how it's  turning out, and I can see this being finished within the next couple of days.


Sandy March 24, 2014  

I love your Ohio Stars. I am also on an Ohio Star kick at the moment. I'll be interested to see how you set yours - there are so many options!

Sue SA March 24, 2014  

Love scrappy stars. The friendship star quilt is looking great. I like your idea for avoiding piecing long seams.

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