Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I've been jealous of Keryn finishing her old projects, so I thought I'd tackle one of mine. I hadn't really decided what I was going to do with these rail fence blocks that I made some time ago, but I was sick of them taking up space in my project drawers. I made another ten or so, and now I have enough for a charity quilt.

They are ready to be sewn together but I got sidetracked by the four patch blocks I'd been making at the same time and suddenly I had piles of them, and thirty blocks made for another quilt.I'm never quite sure how I manage to get so far off track sometimes, but I don't really question myself. If I'm enthusiastic and want to keep sewing, that's enough for me. I never know where I'll end up, but I'll probably have enough bits and blocks for three donation quilts, so it's all good.

This is another log cabin made from 1 1/4" strips, and it's queensize.
I just love it, and I've been pulling out my container of strips this size and rummaging through it, wanting to start one of my own. If I was honest I'd admit that this is my second drawer full of 1 1/4" strips- when you cut scraps down to the very dregs you end up with a lot of these little bits. They are calling me quite insistently, but I want to do the charity quilts first.
Patience, my little strips, patience...

Pippi's trying to be patient too, but it's sooo boring when I sew. She flumphs into this chair and groans and sighs theatrically. Every now and then she comes and stands on her hindlegs next to me, so that she can lay a beseeching paw on my arm and whine "Can we go and play with Dolly now?!!" Then trails back to the chair again, sighing. It's quite heart-warming to see how well she and her big sister get along, it would have been catastophic if they hadn't liked each other!


Paula March 30, 2011  

I love rail quilts. I made one for a table topper and it's one of my favorites. And, who can resist a Log Cabin Quilt??? Beautiful.

quiltmom March 31, 2011  

That is one stunning log cabin- what a lot of work putting all those logs together.
I love rail tie too- I especially like it when it is set on point.
Looks like you are having more fun than Pippi just now- Such is a dog's life..
Have fun creating your terrific quilts.

Leeanne March 31, 2011  

I am sooo enjoying seeing all these wonderful scrappy quilts. Your log cabin is so nice, look forward to seeing how you quilt it.

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